Poultry Grower Mini Pellets | Poultry Feed

Pack sizes: 20kg

Eggstra® Poultry Grower poultry feed is specially formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of the growing pullet from approximately 8 weeks of age to point of lay.
  • Contains all the nutrients required for growing pullets
  • Contains a coccidiostat to aid in the control of coccidiosis
  • Mini pellets for improved palatability for young birds
SALINOMYCIN SODIUM 60mg/kg - for prevention of coccidiosis in chickens

Min. Crude Protein: 15.8%
Max. Crude Fibre: 7.0%
Max. Added Salt: 1.0%

Feed from 8 weeks to 18 weeks of age to (point of lay). Move birds onto Eggstra All Purpose Layer pellets 7 days prior to laying. DO NOT feed to laying birds. For optimal growth, provide unrestricted feed at all times. Provide fresh, clean water at all times and position drinkers close to feeders.

Meat: Nil
Eggs: DO NOT USE in birds during laying or within 7 days of laying where eggs or egg products are to be used for human consumption or processing. If laying takes place within 7 days, those eggs or egg products must not be used for human consumption or processing

Product should be stored in a cool, dry place protected from sunlight and below 30oC.